Why should you use an insurance broker for your Fleet Insurance?

Does your business rely on a fleet of vehicles to drive your operations?

Fleet insurance enables your vehicle fleet to operate safely, reducing your business risks and for you to rest easy knowing you are covered.

So why should you work with an Insurance Broker for your Fleet Insurance?

Insurance Brokers bring deep fleet Insurance industry knowledge.

Insurance brokers, like us here at Urban Insurance, can bring deep fleet insurance industry knowledge. Helping you to drive efficiencies within your operations through their ability and industry knowledge. Imagine if you can tap into an insurance expert who works across multiple fleets and understand industry-wide trends across the fleets. Insurance brokers, with multiple clients across Fleet, can bring that industry knowledge to your organisation.

Insurance Brokers understand the various Fleet Insurers and underwriters and the pros and cons of their different policies.

Fleet Insurance Policies vary depending on the policy provider. Fleet insurance policies can have different inclusions and exclusions that can make a material difference to the levels of fleet coverage being offered. Comparing one insurance policy with another is not an easy task.

Insurance brokers with Fleet Insurance expertise understand these various inclusions and exclusions of different policies, enabling you to be matched to an insurance policy that aligns with your individual needs.

Insurance Brokers know what the key Fleet Insurance industry terms mean

Insurance policy documents can be tricky to understand.

Different fleet insurance policies may use different phrases, terms and keywords to describe similar things. Understanding what an insurance policy is actually saying is critical as you look to select an appropriate policy to meet your needs and to make sure that your coverage is fit for purpose. Insurance brokers understand the key industry terms and can help you to understand too!

Streamlining the Fleet Insurance claims processes – different across different insurance lines and insurers

Claiming on your insurance is often a very stressful process. Things have gone wrong and you need to deal with multiple challenges that may arise as you navigate an unfamiliar process. You claim infrequently with often years passing between claims. An insurance broker, however, is dealing with claims on a daily basis and does so without the emotional strain that a business owner dealing with a loss is bearing.

Insurance brokers are experts at helping you navigate your insurance claims. They have experience of the different claims processes that vary across the different insurers. Insurance brokers can help drive your claims process, follow up appropriately and push for the best outcomes that are possible.

Working with an insurance broker like Urban Insurance that has expertise in motor fleet insurance can provide the best policies to protect your whole fleet and allow you to get on with the job.


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